Pat Amsden

Pat Amsden

Writer of Romance and Mystery

Pat Amsden is a writer of romance and mystery who lives on the West Coast of Canada. She lives with her son in Victoria, BC and works at the local hospital. She is, once again, single.

For as long as she can remember she has loved stories. First reading them and then making them up. Sometimes that got her into trouble when she was younger but that’s another story!

She studied journalism in college but got side-tracked raising a family and working a variety of other jobs to pay the bills. Writing fell by the way-side. The years went by and one day she decided to check out a local writer’s group.

There was a workshop with an exercise. Write something that had the hero and heroine meeting within the first page. Maybe there could even be a kiss! And don’t let the heroine get too comfortable. If she’s shy don’t have her go to the library and meet the librarian, get her out of her comfort zone. Maybe that could be in a bar. She decided, why stop there, let’s put the heroine on top of the bar! Many revisions later, the result is Lost In Vegas!



Vicki Batmanauthor pink sweater 4x300

Award-winning author, Vicki Batman, has sold many romantic comedy works to the True magazines, several publishers, and most recently, two romantic comedy mysteries to The Wild Rose Press. She is a member of Romance Writers of America, Sisters in Crime, and several writing groups.

An avid Jazzerciser. Handbag lover. Mahjong player. Yoga practitioner. Movie fan. Book devourer. Chocoaholic. Best Mom ever. And adores Handsome Hubby.

Most days begin with her hands set to the keyboard and thinking “What if??

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Jacquie Biggar

Jacquie Biggar

Best-selling author of Romantic Suspense with tough, alpha males who know what they want, that is until they’re gob-smacked by heroines who are strong, contemporary women willing to show them that what they really need is love.

She has been blessed with a long, happy marriage and enjoys writing romance novels that end with happy-ever-afters.

Jacquie lives in paradise along the west coast of Canada with her family and loves reading, writing, and flower gardening. She swears she can’t function without coffee, preferably at the beach with her sweetheart.

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Sam Bradley

Camera and Me


Sam Bradley, MS, EMT-P, writing as McKenna Sinclair, has spent over 35+ years as a paramedic working in Emergency Medical Services. She has experience in the ambulance, emergency room and fire department environments. She currently works as a consultant doing firefighter training and quality improvement. For 19 years she has been the Training Officer for the federal Disaster Medical Assistance Team, CA-6. She is a photographer, public speaker, educator and podcaster when she isn’t writing. She has written for EMS related journals, online publications and fire/EMS textbook publishers. Sam is currently working on the third book of her medical romance series, “Partners, Odyssey of the Phoenix”, and has published several short stories for anthologies. She loves dogs and banana cream pie.

Host of the Disaster Podcast –

“The Mammoth Book of ER Romance” (anthology)

“To the Rescue – Stories of Healthcare Workers at the Scenes of Disaster” (anthology)

“Rainbows in Cobwebs – Stories of Hope in the Storms of Life” (anthology)

“In Mount Diablo’s Shadow” Books I and II (anthology)

“Partners, Odyssey of the Phoenix”, a contemporary romance trilogy coming in July, 2016

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Veronica Forand


A Bostonian by birth, Veronica Forand regrettably lost her Boston accent while moving from state to state and country to country. Cleveland probably had the most profound effect on her ability to pronounce the “r” in the word “park.”

She does try to return now and then to visit family and eat long neck clams and lobster. Summers on Cape Cod are also high on the priority list.

Her experience in crime involves time as a court appointed attorney. Eventually, she switched fields to where bigger crimes take place, corporate tax. The allure of spending mornings in her pajamas homeschooling her children and writing fascinating fiction caused her to change careers again. Now that the kids are out of the house (in school), she writes novels and practices law by day and is the perfect wife and mother at night.

Her experience in romance is limited to one man. Luckily, he’s still finding ways to charm her by taking her on vacations to the south of France, Fiji, and the Green Mountains when time is short. Avid travelers, they love to roam with their kids across continents in pursuit of skiing, scuba diving, and the perfect piece of chocolate.

She’s lived in London, Paris, Geneva, Washington D.C., and the accent destroying city of Cleveland. She currently resides near Philadelphia.

Her books are published by Entangled Publishing, Boroughs Publishing Group, and The Wild Rose Press.

She’s represented by Michelle Grajkowski of 3 Seas Literary Agency at

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Claire Gem



Claire Gem writes for her life. An avid fan of intensely emotional romance as well as a good ghost story (not necessarily together or in that order), her favorite authors include Nora Roberts, Barbara Michaels, Linda Howard, Susan Elizabeth Phillips, Simone St James, & Susanna Kearsley.

Claire has lived in five states – Florida, Massachusetts, New York, North Carolina, & Texas. She’s worked as a hairdresser, a bridal designer, a lab tech, & in scientific research. Her loves are horses, fishing, pretty things, & being a novelist. And wine. And chocolate.

Claire’s idea of a great love story is one with extreme emotion: one that makes you laugh and cry, get mad and get scared, one that has that *sigh* factor. A book that transports you to another place and introduces you to new people so real, you want to call them up and ask them out for a drink, and miss them when you read those dreaded words – The End.

Since receiving her MFA in Creative Writing from Lesley University, Claire loves living in New England with her husband Clark, who’s been her HEA for almost 35 years now, a Boston terrier named Chopper, a well-worn Mac laptop, and lots of daydreams.

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Joanne GuidoccioGuidoccio 001

In high school, Joanne dabbled in poetry, but it would be over three decades before she entertained the idea of writing as a career. She listened to her practical Italian side and earned degrees in mathematics and education. She experienced many fulfilling moments as she watched her students develop an appreciation (and sometimes, love) of mathematics. Later, she obtained a post-graduate diploma as a career development practitioner and put that skill set to use in the co-operative education classroom. She welcomed this opportunity to help her students experience personal growth and acquire career direction through their placements.

In 2008, she took advantage of early retirement and decided to launch a second career that would tap into her creative side and utilize her well-honed organizational skills. Slowly, a writing practice emerged. Her articles and book reviews were published in newspapers, magazines, and online. When she tried her hand at fiction, she made reinvention a recurring theme in her novels and short stories. A member of Crime Writers of Canada, Sisters in Crime, and Romance Writers of America, Joanne writes paranormal romance, cozy mysteries, and inspirational literature from her home base of Guelph, Ontario.

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Jeannie Hallauthor-jeannie

Jeannie Hall is a romantic suspense/thriller author published with The Wild Rose Press. She loves to write dark stories that make her readers tremble from more than just attraction. Her books feature heroes and heroines with tragic pasts who are strong enough to overcome those roadblocks and find true love.

Book one of her Cult Wife Series, Violation of Faith released on March 2nd, 2016. It features Lynea, an escaped cult wife, and Brennan, a man who outs cults for a living. She and Brennan begin to fall for each other, but she can never tell him who she really is. When Lynea’s cult leader husband tracks her down, both her new connection with Brennan and her life are on the line.

Jeannie will be releasing her first Christmas novella, A Midnight Clear – another dark romantic thriller – later this year.

Jeannie lives in the Southern United States with her soul mate of twenty years, her two very spoiled kitties, and a crazy amount of print books. You can visit Jeannie anytime at her website.



Kathryn Jane

Award winning author Kathryn Jane writes the popular Intrepid Women Series. Novels filled with mystery, suspense, adventure, psychic abilities, animals and of course, romance. Think MacGyver, Criminal Minds, and James Bond…with a dash of I Love Lucy.profile beach 1 crop

Addicted to the ocean, Kat lives on the west coast of Canada with her fabulous feline assistant, and a devoted mutt to keep her charming prince company while she’s busy penning fast-paced mysteries and adventures about Kickass Women and the Men who Dare to Love them…

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Mia Kay

Mia Kay spent Kindergarten teaching other students to read and biting her tongue about Santa Claus. As a teenager, she loved to spend Sunday afternoons with her grandmothers – one sent her home with garden vegetables and the other with romance novels.

Mia Kay - thumbnailAfter years in grad school and a demanding job, she finally rediscovered her love of fiction and decided to try her hand at writing. It’s become an addiction. She has a day job, a loving crowd of family and friends, and a very patient husband who doesn’t mind sharing her with her characters.

Her published novels include romantic suspense and contemporary romance – because no matter what happens, love is always a dangerous business.

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Marian Lanouette   

Amazon Bestselling author Marian Lanouette/Merry Holly is a multi-published author in both mystery and romance. She’s also the creator as well as an author in the Season of Series. Born in Brooklyn, New York she’s one of ten children. She took to writing to explore new and adventurous places. Marian 119 author picWhile her friends traveled on planes for vacation, Marian traveled in books. With an overactive imagination, it didn’t take long for her to start creating her own characters and stories. The first two books in Marian’s series The Jake Carrington Mysteries were released in 2012 and 2013 respectively. Coming soon is Mated for Life the third book in the series.

Marian has had many interesting careers throughout her life. The most interesting was as an office manager for a local cemetery/crematory. When needed she also helped out with the cremations (thus, Burn in Hell was created from her vivid imagination.)

As an avid reader, she discovered mysteries by reading the Daily News as a youngster. Intrigued by the real life crimes, and how the police worked and eventually solved them, ignited her imagination beyond the ordinary. Reading romances are one of her guilty pleasures. In her work Marian likes mix both mystery and romance to achieve intriguing results.

Marian’s a member of Sisters in Crime and Romance Writers of America.

She invites you to discover these wonderful characters and share your impressions at:

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Julie Mulhern



Julie Mulhern is the USA Today bestselling author of The Country Club Murders.

She is a Kansas City native who grew up on a steady diet of Agatha Christie. She spends her spare time whipping up gourmet meals for her family, working out at the gym and finding new ways to keep her house spotlessly clean–and she’s got an active imagination. Truth is–she’s an expert at calling for take-out, she grumbles about walking the dog and the dust bunnies under the bed have grown into dust lions.

In addition to mysteries, Julie writes historical, romantic suspense. Her first romance, A Haunting Desire, was a finalist in the 2014 Golden Heart contest and is available now.


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Stephanie Taylor

Enter a caption

S.A. Taylor is a contemporary and romantic suspense writer, a physical therapist assistant, and a community college professor. When she’s not immersed in those roles, she can be found with her head buried in a good book, working out, dabbling in photography, listening to music (a must when writing), and watching sports.

She builds her stories around the characters who speak the loudest and drops them into plots filled with high emotional stakes all balanced with a touch of humor. The ideas come from an extensive background in the medical profession, fascination with law enforcement and forensics, as well as her passion for sports and music.

Currently, her works in progress include five novels, A Step Too Close, A Twisted Fate, Shutter, Follow Me, and Sharp Blades. She is a member of the Romance Writers Association (RWA), Louisville Romance Writers, and the RWA Kiss of Death chapter.

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Marsha R. West


I’ve worn many hats during my life. I’d thought the writing hat was of recent vintage. Then going through some boxes, I stumbled over plays and short stories I wrote in 6th and 7th grades. The hat is older than I recalled.

 For many years, I wore the hat of an activist PTA mom and volunteer. Then I added a campaign hat and served on the Fort Worth school board for eight years. A task I never could’ve undertaken without the full cooperation of my husband, an attorney (I sometimes call DH). He’s supported me in everything I’ve wanted to do.

 Then I went back to teaching high school theatre, a fun hat to wear. They paid me for doing something I loved. After that, I morphed into an elementary school administrator. Sometimes the hat fit well. At other times, it pinched. Joyous, but exhausting work. Ever since retiring, I’ve concentrated on my writing career. As I said, lots of hats.

 Our grown children live near us and have given us the best of the best: grandchildren. I’ve turned into your stereotypical grandmother believing these little jewels are the most beautiful, handsome, and brilliant in the world!

 My favorite season is fall, and I’m never happier than when we travel to New England. We’ve been fortunate to visit many beautiful parts of the country, some of which find their way into my books.

 I have two Works in Progress (WIP). ACT OF TRUST is Book 2 of the Second Chances Series, which I hope to publish this fall. The other is Book 3 in the series, ACT OF BETRAYAL. Before that one is released, I’ll release THE THEATRE.

 I’ve recently joined Sisters of Suspense, a blog made up of 16 authors all who write romantic suspense. Much fun.

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Sharon Wray

Sharon is a librarian who once studied dress design in the couture houses of Paris and now writes novels of suspense, adventure, and love. A wife, mother of twins, and caretaker of Donut the One-Eyed Dog, she’s addicted to snapping photos and eating Oreos. She’s repped by Deidre Knight and Kristy Hunter at The Knight Agency.

Sharon’s debut novel Every Deep Desire comes out on March 6, 2018 from Sourcebooks.


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