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#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines all about the topic STUBBORN

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Nate needed Sarah to follow his order. She was smart enough. It was her stubbornness that was the problem.

Sharon Wray

“Smart, beautiful and stubborn. You haven’t changed a bit, Gilda Greco.” He lowered his voice. “After all of this is over, I’m taking you out to dinner.”

Joanne Guidoccio

Linda was at a loss to figure out how to make him understand. The man was stubborn and locked on.

Kathryn Jane

“You’re a stubborn bastard, but you’re in no condition to dictate to me if you’ll be seen or not. I’ve taken over the scene, and as officer in charge, I say you’ll be seen by the medics. Got it?” Louie demanded, shoving down his temper.

Marian Lanouette