Sneak Off and Read: Lines with the topic, TRUST #RSsos #RomSuspense

#OneLineSunday by #RSsos Lines with the topic, TRUST

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“You trust your granddaughter with a hockey player? I thought you had more sense than that.”

Jacquie Biggar

Trust didn’t come easy with him. She’d had to earn it. He didn’t even trust his own ability to form natural attachments.

Sam Bradley w/a McKenna Sinclair

“When my trust fund comes through in January, we’ll have enought to start over somewhere else.”

Joanne Guidoccio

“You didn’t trust me to keep you safe out here?”

“You’re not responsible for me,” she said. “I am.”

Kathryn Jane

“Do you trust me?” Again, Jett had to yell over the loud rotor blades.

Still rooted in place and unable to move, I glanced up to the men watching my every move.

Follow Me (work in progress)

To experience a relationship, you have to trust. Addie wasn’t sure she’d ever be able to do that after what her ex had done.

Marsha West

Whatever Nate was doing, it was for the good of the unit. That’s the kind of brother Nate was: loyal, trustworthy, and determined to redeem all of their lives.

Sharon Wray

A tilt of my head, eyes rolled up. The same one my mother had doled on me, when as a small child, I’d annoyingly play twenty questions to test her.

Vicki Batman
The Great Fruitcake Bake-off, Whispers of Winter set