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I know what you are thinking—what does discovery

have to do with writing?

For me, there are several things to discover in the writing process:

1/Finding out what a cover artist has developed for the cover of the book.

2/Delving into edits to uncover what an editor feels the book needs to be fully developed.

3/ And then there’s characters. This may be the most important discovery in my  process, especially since I am a pantser writer (writing by the seat of my pants vs. writing with a plotted outline).

I am not a trained writer; I am  huge reader. I consider myself to be self-taught. When I began my career, I took tons of classes and scribbled everything in my head to the page.  When I reached The End, my work really began because those guts I spilled are so not perfect. I’ve got to revise and revise and revise.

Sounds like a lot of work. And it probably is. But with my style, my book is always in

magnifying glass 3

my head and something magical happens. I discover the perfect word, the best description, a new phrase, a plot line needing a bit more finessing. I discover more about my book.

I’ve had moments when driving and I scrambled in my handbag for a pencil and a receipt to jot down a thought. I stepped in a large department store and was whacked by something to add to my manuscript and again, scrambled for the paper and pencil. (I really should learn to use my phone. Lol.) I’ve sent myself emails. I have a stack of sticky notes on my desk by my computer of ideas to add to my book.

By doing these things, is my work fresher? I believe so.

And since I like how I “pants,” I doubt I’ll change my writing style. It may be slow, but it does get the best from me.

asteriks 2Speaking of discovery—have you discovered my books? Try this cool MurderandMayhem_w12634_300boxed set, Murder & Mayhem, which features my humorous romantic mystery, Temporarily Employed, as well as others. Happy Reading!

20 thoughts on “Discovery

    • vicki says:

      Hi, Veronica! That first draft is spill the guts on the page draft. I wouldn’t show it to anyone. But after a lot of work, I find and tweak and revise and that work is the best one. Hugs back!

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    • vicki says:

      Hi, Kathryn! Using that couple from a previous book is so cool. You know them well and will create something good for them. I’ve written a lot of very short shorts and when pubbed, readers would say they want more. I suppose I could take the story and run with it, but truthfully, I like them short short. Hugs for you.

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  1. Jacquie Biggar says:

    No wonder we’re ‘sisters’ we share the same writing style!
    For me, it usually happens in bed just before I nod off to sleep. Either a title, a first line, or a character jumps into my head and I have to get it down, lol.
    Great post, Vicki!

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    • vicki says:

      Isn’t that the truth, Jacquie! Bam! something grabs you. I’ve often heard writers think something before falling asleep and in the morning the thought comes to them. I’m better off not trying to remember but write it down.

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  2. Mary Gillgannon says:

    Great post and lots of good comments. I differ from the rest of you in that when thoughts/ideas pop into my head, I seldom write them down. I feel like if they are meant to be part of the book, they will stay with me. Of course, now that I’m getting more scattered and forgetful with age, I probably need to learn a better way. LOL!


    • vicki says:

      Hi, Mary! That is an interesting prospective about not writing down ideas or thoughts and how you feel they will stay with you. I can buy it. I’m more on the scattered brain line and have to write down things. I used to put sticky notes on my collarbone when I worked so I wouldn’t forget things. Thanks so much for stopping by.


    • vicki says:

      Hi, Ilona! I’m okay with not being speedy. I wrote a ton of short stories really fast and I may stick with that after I finish my third book. I’m just not a speedy book writer.


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