Getting Fit On Facebook

Hi all!

I’m Kathryn Jane, and if it’s the first Tuesday of the month, it’s my turn to share something about my life as a writer…so here goes.

Somewhere around the beginning of the year, when I’d been several weeks without my usual beach walks due to snowy weather, I thought, no problem, I’ll just crank up my tunes and dance to get some exercise indoors.

Hah! Didn’t happen. Well, not much after the first couple of days at least.

A few more weeks went by, and constant discomfort from sitting at the computer for endless hours had me once again anxious about how unfit I was becoming, and horrified by how quickly my muscle strength was vanishing. (I used to be very strong and fit due to a lifetime of working with horses.)

Determined to stop the downward slide of inactivity, I set up a plan for daily floor exercises and stretching, but knew I’d be lucky to keep it up for more than a few days before I’d be sloughing off. How the heck was I going to stay motivated?

A few years ago, when I started posting my daily gratitude on Facebook, it was to make my commitment public, and that’s what kept me on task. Made sense to carry on with what was already working, right?


On March 17th, I added an Exercise Journal to my Daily Gratitude post, and I haven’t missed a day yet. Ha ha, lots of nights I’m on the floor going through the paces just before I do my post, but heck it’s working!

And I’m happy to say, my strength is returning much more quickly than I expected.

Tell me…what keeps you motivated?????

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