The best of 2016

With the sun about to set on another year, I asked my fellow authors the same question I’m asking you.

What is your favorite memory from 2016?


Vicki Batman:

A Baltic cruise with Handsome. And my annual fun day when my second book released.

Claire Gem:

My favorite memory from 2016 is my “rerun” trip to Florida, a special lunch with my daughter after a frightening medical diagnosis disturbed our traditional mother-daughter day at the Ringling Museum. Now all is looking very hopeful.SOS - Claire Gem.JPG

Marian Lanouette:

By far it would  the email telling me I got a four book deal from Kensington/Lyrical for my Jake Carrington Mysteries.

S.A. Taylor:

I’d have to say meeting several of the SOS sisters at the RWA conference was one of my favorite memories of 2016. I don’t have a picture of the whole group, but did find a good one with Vicki at the KOD Death by Chocolate party.  Great times!sos-vicki-and-steph

Oh, I also became an aunt for the 1st time this December. Pretty special. sos-steph-auntie

Jeannie Hall:
Definitely this one: became a published author!

Kathryn Jane (that’s me):

A laughter filled weekend spent with my sisters, and becoming a member of the TinyKittens team, which means I get to work with feral cats like Calvin.DSCN4452.JPG

Jacquie Biggar:

Making the USA Today, bestseller list with this set!


Marsha R. West:
My best memory is moving into the Lakehouse and waking up every morning to this phenomenal view that’s always changing. It’s like having a giant painting in front of my eyes and one that subtly changes. It’s very seductive. Easy to find myself just staring, but it’s also inspirational from a book writing perspective. Looking forward to many years here.

Sam Bradley w/a McKenna Sinclair:

I can relate to what many of you said. Like Steph, I really enjoyed getting together with you guys at RWA. (There was also the KOD presidency. Although I enjoyed it, it was way more work than I anticipated). Like Kat, I made a big move from California to Colorado. I love it here and it’s a great environment to follow my dream of being a (mostly) full time writer. The book I sat on for a very long time finally got published, then another. The third one is getting really to go up now and I’m working on #4. Progress! The best part is being involved with all of you!

Okay, now it’s your turn…  What is your favorite memory from 2016?

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