Christmas at my house

I’ve spent all week finishing the day job for the year and wondering what to write in this post. I’ve spent all day running errands, finishing shopping, and wondering what to write in this post. I’ve finally written a post that is WAY too depressing for the holiday. I’ve put it in the trash.

Every year, I think, “This is the year I get in the holiday spirit. We’re going to have a tree and a party. I’m going to wrap presents, make candy, and play Christmas music. I’m going to decorate outside, and have lights …”

Instead, this is what my poor husband, Mr. Perfect, has to deal with at Christmas.

  1. MP: “Do we have a wreath?”
    Me: “Ummm. Yes? Somewhere in the basement, maybe?” Digs around under boxes and finds one. “Here. Just unsquish it a little. It’ll be fine.”
  1. MP: “Do we have Christmas cards ? We need to send some.”
    Me: “I think I bought some on sale last year. Didn’t I give them to you? Do you need stamps?”
  1. MP: “What about a tree? Nevermind, I’ll get the little tea-light tree out from last year.”
  2. Me: “What’s this CD on your desk?”
    MP: “Merry Christmas.”
    Me: “Is this a new coffee cup in the dishwasher?”
    MP: “Well, I was trying to hide it to keep you from finding it like you did the CD. Merry Christmas.”
  1. Me: “I  have your Christmas present in the trunk. Will you help me carry it upstairs?”
  2. MP: “Do you want to watch the Military Channel or the Hallmark Channel?”
    Me: “Military Channel, please.”
  1. MP: “What are we getting …”
    Me: “Don’t worry. I have a list. Everything’s on the way from Amazon already wrapped and shipped to Mom’s. We’re good.”
  1. MP: “I have to work on Christmas. Will you be okay by yourself?”
    Me: “Don’t worry. I’ve got a frozen pizza and a few chapters to write.”

I have the most understanding, Christmas loving, husband in the world (and a new Christmas wreath). He is my best present every year. Sometimes, when the holiday gets the best of me, or when writing gets the best of me, it’s great to remember that.

Whatever you do on this holiday, I hope you spend time with people who love you just the way you are. And I hope you have time to read a good book.

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