15th Anniversary

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Today we commemorate the 15th anniversary of one of the darkest days of our nation and indeed of the world. The pictures above are from a visit to the 9/11 Memorial. The Museum hadn’t opened yet, but was nearing completion. If you ever have a chance to visit, please do. It’s very moving.

The heroine in my 4th published book, ACT OF TRUST, Book 2 of the Second Chances Series, lost her husband on 9/11. Below you can read my comments in the beginning of the book about why this date means so much to me.

Author’s Personal Note

If you’re of a certain age, 9/11 resonates with you in the way Pearl Harbor did with the Greatest Generation.

We all know where we were when the planes hit the towers. Many lost loved ones or acquaintances, and we all have our stories.

My younger daughter and her husband moved to New York City on Sunday 9/9. As the principal in an elementary school, I’d arrived on that Tuesday at my regular time, around 7:15 to get a jump-start on the day. My husband normally left later for his downtown high-rise to miss the traffic. He never went in that day after receiving a call from a good friend telling him to turn on the TV. 

It was three that afternoon before I knew my daughter and her husband were okay. Trying to keep staff, kids, and parents calm in the face of what we didn’t know took my focus. I was one of the very lucky ones. My family was okay.

So SECOND ACT is a personal story to me. I admire those who’ve gone on after losing a loved one in this tragic experience. I can’t imagine it, though, as a writer, that’s my job. I hope I’ve honored their loss. I hope people find comfort in the happily ever after ending of the story.

A portion of the sale of each book will be sent to the 9/11 Memorial Gardens and Museum. If you care to donate directly as well, here’s the link:  http://www,911memorial.org


Please take a moment to remember those lost, the heroism displayed by so many, and pray for those who were left. Where were you on 9/11?