Loss of Mobility

(Apologies this is in all caps. It’s not the way I posted it. ??)

As some of you know back the end of May I fell, breaking the back ankle bone and tearing a ligament. I now have a plate and 6 screws and wire for a ligament. It should be fun going through security at airports. 🙂 


I’ve been in a wheelchair for all of this time. The three times I tried crutches I lost my balance and put pressure on my foot that wasn’t supposed to get any pressure on it at all. I’ve not used one of those kneeling things that many folks have suggested because when I fell, I also banged up my knee pretty good. Bruises still apparent and sore.

The good thing is we’d just downsized into our Lakehouse.


Well, good and bad. We hadn’t unpacked everything when I fell, so we’ve depended on our kids for lots of that. They’ve been super as has my husband. The main good thing is that here I can make it to the bathroom, actually wheel up to the potty. Wouldn’t have been able to do that in our wonderful big house we’d built 20 years ago—doorways too small.

Because it’s my right ankle, I haven’t been able to drive. Do you get what that means? I can’t run to the grocery store anytime I want. Worse I have to ask for help.

Being your basic, independent, controlling, “I-can-do-it-myself” sort of woman, this has been a disaster. I don’t like to ask for help. One of my daughters pointed out that my fall back mode to avoid asking for help is to give orders. Not something I’m proud of, but she nailed it. I’m working on that. I’ve learned I’m not a good patient, nor am I patient. 🙂 Couldn’t resist.

I’ve totally flashed back to times my mother was in a wheelchair, the one I now use.

IMG_3888Bless her heart. I just didn’t get it. She too was an independent, controlling woman. I’m sure it was agonizing for her.

Have you ever had to keep your foot above your heart?

IMG_3923Well others might be able to work from that position, but I can’t. I can watch HGTV and read. I must say it’s been very nice to read books in big gulps rather than piecemeal and not feel guilty, but I can’t do the laptop in that position. I’m working at the table now and as soon as I finish this post, back I go to the chair foot in the air! (I am now able to put some pressure on it and will go to PT next week.)


All I wanted to do this summer was bring out the next book. THE THEATRE just needs me to finish last edits before sending it off to the professionals. I can really tell when I’ve had my foot down too long, so my time is split between writing a few blogs and checking emails & social media.

The other things I’ve been able to do are: fill & empty the dishwasher, put away dishes, and wash clothes. Amazing what a sense of accomplishment this gives me. Important for a person who needs to feel capable.

But all that hasn’t left much time for the book. Eventually, it will come out later this year.

But boy do I have empathy for those in this state either permanently or temporarily! Thank heavens for handicapped accessible buildings & restaurants & bathrooms! I guess folks were just captives in their homes before we had all the ramps.

Have you broken a bone(s)? Been captive to a wheelchair? Did it keep you from doing things you wanted to? What’d you learn?  Love to hear from you.

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